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  3. contorted on Flickr.


  4. untitled on Flickr.

    So I’ve continued with the project and have been satisfied with what I’ve taken so far, I have a lot of them to upload but I won’t upload the pictures with my face until I turn 18, well enjoy

    I have to say though, this project made me more confident yet more self-conscious at the same time.

  5. Cap Cana, Punta Cana - Private Beaches on Flickr.

    These were just about the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever visited. Unfortunately the beach was artificial and so it was full of dead corals and shells so it was very uncomfortable to walk on. None the less it was a very relaxing trip. 


  6. ravens on Flickr.



  8. This is a preview of the project I’m currently working on. I’m doing a nude study which I originally intended to do outside during the sunset but I haven’t gotten the opportunity. After starting off with some shots I was surprised to see that the pictures came out much better with flash (I personally oppose the use of flash). 

    Anyways, enjoy this picture of my buttox 

    I’m also debating whether or not to show my face when I post the final images. I don’t mean for my pictures to be taken in a sexual manner at all I just don’t know if I might face any repercussions… Still, I want them to make a statement

    I don’t know, what do you guys think?


  9. fuck on Flickr.

    So I’ve managed to complete this project and I’ve scanned everything that I wanted to keep somehow and I uploaded what I felt comfortable sharing. Next I’m going to burn whatever has writing on it for the sake of letting go and because its just plain fun setting things on fire.
    Call me a pyromaniac but I want to find some physical way of letting go of everything that has been weighing down on me.

    Wish all of you the best.


  10. So lately I’ve been trying to keep myself preoccupied and I started this project where I scan all the silly notes and drawings I’ve made in about the last two years. I’m having a quality issue when I upload them to flickr so hopefully I get that fixed as soon as possible.

    I also have another project that I’m planning to start today, I’m doing a nude photo study of myself and I’m really curious as to how thats going to pan out. That is my last project which I hope to finish before my winter vacation ends.